In mid-March 2012, Heather was diagnosed with constrictive bronchiolitis, a chronic condition that is destroying her lungs and stealing her very breath. It is the same disease that took her teenage brothers life eight years ago. Doctors have told Heather that she needs new lungs, and she has begun the process of qualifying for a transplant. The testing and preparation are exhausting. Yet, Heather continues to focus on what matters most –being a loving mother to her two children, Corbin and Keira, and a dedicated wife to her husband, Josh . A transplant can give Heather her life back and you can be a part of helping this young mom and her family. The procedure is estimated to cost $1 million with annual maintenance costs of $30,000. Josh has a great job with medical benefits, but the out-of-pocket costs are staggering. Additionally, the Phillips family is living in a house that bank could take back at any time. Your generosity can help Heather breathe a little easier. Consider making a donation today. Consider making a difference in the lives of the Phillips family.
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