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1st doctors visit since placed on the double lung transplant list.

C.T. scan shows that the disease is progressing and my 6 min walk test shows that I need 5 liters of oxygen. that is just to keep my o2 levels at 90 which is also worse then my last visit. I’m going to be going on yet another new medicine which puts me up to 5 different medicines that I am onĀ  right now. I am also going to see a throat specialist since my voice is starting to sound more and more like a chipmunk =-). I am so thankful for all the support. Thank you so much everyone for taking time to read my story. I may be in this unfortunate situation but I have never felt so blessed…….Heather Phillips

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  1. / Oh my goodness! I can’t bveilee it, her faith is so very strong. Her blog brought tears to my eyes.She is facing so much and she is so young. I will pray for her today.Thanks for sharing her story.

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