After Waiting for just over a Year for Heather to receive a bilateral lung transplant she received the call on June 26 2013. We have been waiting for so long we became somewhat complacent in what we were waiting for.

I was just walking out the door for work when heathers phone rang. As I was listening to her I knew this was the call we have been waiting for by the somber tone in her voice. After hanging up she looked at me with a gazed stare and said “I cant believe it they are here, This is going to happen today. I don’t think I’m ready now!” There were so many emotions it was almost like a dream.
We arrived at the University of Washington around 10 am. I was with her though all of her pre op. Then the hard part came for me where I had to watch her be rolled past the doors of the operating room and wait for a call of updates every 2 hrs. Fortunately every call for the updates were positive. After 8 hr in the waiting room Her surgeon came in to tell everyone that the operation was a success.
Heather is now home and is healing remarkably well. There are no sings of rejection and she is felling better every day. She is pushing herself as hard as she can to heal and start running again.
It is hard to believe that for almost two years I witnessed her lungs failing her and her body getting weaker. Her body was slowly dying but her mind and spirit never gave up. She kept a positive and happy outlook on life even though she was on the lung transplant waiting list. She is a true example of what your mind can achieve over the body.
She now has a second chance at living life and our kids and I have a second chance at living life with her. We will not take it for granted and cherish every moment we have.
Thank you so much to everyone that continually prayed. The prayers have been answered and this family could never feel more blessed.