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Post By Josh Phillips

Heatherslungs.com has been up for a few days now. We have gotten a lot of positive words of encouragement. I would like to thank everyone for their support, it has lifted Heather’s spirit. It is really great to have such an awesome support system for Heather. With so many people there for her, she never feels that she is going though this alone. Tomorrow she will have her first doctors appointment since she has been put on the double lung transplant list. We are hopeful that her lung disease and hypertension is not getting worse. Tomorrow she will write a blog about it. Thank you everyone so much for your support and endearing words!


  1. I enjoyed this! Well done!

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  4. , words are never enough, but holpfuley all these words together, from all of us, show that you are not alone. It does not make things easier or better. But you can get through these times knowing the love, support and understanding that we all have for your and what you are going through. Much love and hugs for you and your precious angel Zack.

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